Wells and Stones of Broadway

Wells and stones are landmarks mentioned in a number of old Broadway documents and include:

  • Asa’s Well, on the borders of Peters Farm, Middle Hill, also known as “Gipsies’ Well”.
  • The Camp Spring near Gunns Cottages, Willersey Hill.
  • Esa’s Swamp
  • Muddy Pit
  • Picer’s Stone
  • Walwicke’s Stone
  • Broken Stone
  • The Gore or ‘No Mannes Land’
  • Toodes Well: located near Campden Hole. In 1758, this well together with a messuage, with two barns. a garden, a yard and one stable adjoining with certain lands and hill pastures was owned by Mrs Sarah Smith. The Commissioners, under the Enclosure Act 1771, gave it to Sir Edward Winnington, and the owners and occupiers of his lands in Broadway and Willersey Hills, for the purposes of fetching water form and watering cattle at the spring, which on that account shall be preserved, and not drained , choked up or damaged.

Source: Extracted from “Old Days in and Around Evesham” published in the Evesham Journal, 22 November 1949.