John Jacques Broadway

Jacques, John (1865-1950)

John Jacques was born in Birmingham on 11 June 1865, the son of John Henry Jacques and Mary Ann Jacques (née Canning). Known as John Jacques Jnr, he was baptised by Rev. Williamson at St Thomas’s Church Birmingham on 23 July 1865.

Jacques moved with his parents to Broadway in the 1880s and in 1909 married Annie Gertrude Denton in Broadway. They had two sons who were raised in Broadway.

Jacques had a drapers and millinery shop on the High Street in Broadway. He had an interest in photography and went on to publish real photographic postcards (both black and white and tinted) of Broadway, its people and the surrounding villages. One of his most notable photographs was of the opening of the new reservoir at Broadway in 1897. Jacques also followed in his father’s footsteps as an antiques dealer.

John Jacques Broadway
John Jaques, High Street, Broadway ©Jacques family

In the 1911 census, Jacques and his wife are recorded as living at 36 High Street. Jacques, died, aged 86, in Broadway in January 1950, the following report appeared  in  the Evesham Journal later the same month:

Transcript ot Jacques’ death announcement in the Evesham Journal: