Averill, Isaac Blakeman (d. 1858)

Isaac Blakeman Averill and Mary Averill (née Osborne)

Isaac Blakeman Averill
Family Plaque, St Michael’s Church, Broadway


Isaac Blakeman Averill and Mary Osborne married in Wiltshire on 23rd December 1823 and they had 12 children.

Mary died at their home in Broadway, aged 53, on 24th April 1854.

On 4th November 1858, their second surviving daughter, Fanny, married William Peacey of Chedgloe, Wiltshire in Broadway. They were married by the Rev. Richard Hoare of Beckernet, Cumberland, assisted by Rev. William English, vicar of Broadway.

Isaac died, aged 65 on 10th November 1858 at his home in Broadway after a long illness. Stephen Averill (Broadway), Charles Averill (solicitor of Hereford) and Edward Fricker  (Cheltenham) handled his estate.

On 2nd February 1859, Susanna, the third surviving daughter of Isaac and Mary married the Rev. Richard Hoare (see above) in Broadway. They were married by the Rev. Francis Hoare of Wigton, Cumberland, assisted baby the Rev. W. English of Broadway.

On 15th and 16th March 1859, the Executors of Isaac’s estate, held an auction of Isaac’s effects at his home in Broadway (both auctions starting at 11am). The auctioneer was Mr Kettle of Chipping Campden. Catalogues were available from the Monday before the sale, priced at 3d. The lots included:

Valuable and elegant Modern Furniture comprising Dining and Drawing Room Suites, Services of China and Glass, Tapestry and other Carpets, Hearth Rugs, handsome Bedsteads, superior Feather Beds and Blankets, Books, Engravings framed and glazed, Plated Articles, Kitchen Furniture, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, handsome Cabinet Pianoforte, capital Brown Gelding, very useful Pony (five years old), 2 excellent Double-bodied Phaetons, with Poles, Lamps etc, complete, 2 superior Dog Carts (one by Kinder of Worcester), 3-wheeled Chair, several Sets of Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Garden Roll, Garden Tools, and other Effects.

On 28th June 1859, at 3pm, the Trustees of Isaac’s estate, under the instruction of Stephen Averill, held an auction at The Lygon Arms Hotel, Broadway. The lots, auctioned by Mr. Kettle of Chipping Campden, comprised:

Several Messuages, Tenements, and Gardens, Farm House, and Buildings, Kennel for Fox-Hounds, Wheelwrights’ Workshops and Premises and about 134 Acres of very productive Arable Meadow, and Pasture Land, and Orcharding, in conventional Lots.