Coal Clubs

The Broadway Coal Club and the Albion Coal Club were set up by villagers to secure supplies of coal direct from collieries for its members, thereby reducing the cost per ton. The Albion Coal Club was set up in 1891 by Austin R. Williams and operated until 1918.

Broadway Coal Club

1888: During the last week of 1888, the Broadway Coal Club distributed 40 tons of coal to its 60 members at a cost of 7/12d per cwt. The coal was hauled by a number of Broadway farmers free of charge.

1889: By the end of 1889, the Club had distributed 35 tons of coal to members, hauled free of charge by Alderman Isaac Averill, Edgar Flower, B. Burrows, W. Tayler, J. Stanley, Austin R. Williams. O.J. and J.W. Morris, W.H. Pearman, W. Cassel and G. Herbert.

1890: The Committee members, appointed at the Annual General Meeting held in the British Schoolroom in April 1890, were: John Morris (Treasurer), G. Coxshill (Financial Secretary), A. Clarke, G. Figgett, H. Bursten, J. Jarrett, G. Saunders, J. Fellender, G. Smith, J. Halford, W. Holmes and George Sandals and Samuel Cotterill who had helped with hauling the coal free of charge. An income of £29 2s 4d and expenditure of £24 19s 11d were reported.

1891: The Club reported that coal provided by the Cannock Chase Company had been distributed by the end of the year free of charge by Messrs Charles Drury, O.J. Morris and J.W. Morris. The Committee comprised: John Morris (Treasurer), J. Figgett Jnr. (Finance Secretary). J. Figgett, W. Vellender, J. Sandals, W. Barnett, H. Knight and W. Sorrell.

Albion Coal Club (1889-1918)

Set up in 1889, the Albion Coal Club reported that by the end of the first year, the Club had 130 members and 106 tons of coal had been delivered free of charge to members by Ald. Isaac Averill, Messrs. Flower, Austin Read Williams, Gill, E. Stanley, Cassell, Thomas S. Bedford, R.N. Chadwick, Burrows, Kempson, Ingles, Vizzard and P. Drury.

1895: During the year ending 31 December 1895 the Club had 113 members who had paid a total of £65 2s 8d in membership with a further £3 donated to the Club. 90 tons 11cwt of coal had been delivered at a total cost of £60. A further 30 tons 7 cwt had been hauled at a cost of £6 1s and 60 tons 4 cwt had hauled free of charge by Ald. Isaac Averill and Messrs Austin R. Williams (Hon. Secretary), Gill, Flower, E. Stanley, Vizzard, Chapman, Cassell, Ingles and Jeffrey.

At the close of 1897, there were 116 members who paid in £63 5s 2d. 87 tons 13 cwt of coal was delivered, 65 tons of which were hauled free of charge by Ald. Averill, Messrs. Edgar Flower, Austin R. Williams (Hon. Secretary), Gill, Cook, F. Stanley, Vizzard, H. Ingles, Jefferies, Chapman and George Crump.

The Albion Coal Club was closed down in 1918.