Broadway Lawn Tennis Club

Broadway Lawn Tennis Club was inaugurated in 1893. Early members of the Club, included:

  • Mr A.F. Alcock
  • Mr Averill
  • Mr Bagnall
  • Mr T. Bayliss
  • Mr R. Cordell
  • Mr W. Gill
  • Miss Gill
  • Miss Kate Hensley
  • Miss Holecroft
  • Mr Hopwood
  • Mr T.S. Horsmen
  • Mr P. Mackay
  • Mr J. Morris
  • Mr C.H. New
  • Mr & Mrs T. Edgar Pemberton
  • Miss Eva Pemberton
  • Miss May Pemberton
  • Mr Rouel Picot
  • Mr Pyke Nott
  • Mr A. Renfrew
  • Mr Savory
  • Mr C.T. Smith
  • Mr and Mrs C.T. Standring
  • Miss Thompson
  • Mrs Tovey
  • Mr Weston

In 1896, supervised by a Ground Committee (Mr Averill, Mr C.T. Standring and Mr Renfrew), two new gravel courts were built on the site behind the High Street. Membership of the club at the time totalled 83.

By the early 1900s, the club had 7 courts and included a bowling green with a separate bowling section (the bowling section later separated to form Broadway Bowling Club).

At the General Meeting of the club, held on 19 October 1927, it was decided that to investigate whether the Bowling Club could separate from the Lawn Tennis Club and be run as a distinct club. The Lawn Tennis Club was experiencing financial difficulties due to expenditure by the bowling section. The following article was published in the Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer, 22 October 1927:

A general meeting of the Broadway Lawn Tennis Club was held in the Church Schools on Wednesday evening to discuss the financial situation of the Club. Mrs. R.S. Pierse Duncombe was in the chair. Amongst other present were Mrs. and Miss Alexander, Miss Bayliss, Mrs. A.B. Williams, MR. D.G.S. Russell, Mr. W.J. Marshall. Mr. T. Bayliss, Mr. C. Gill, Mr. J.H. Jones, etc.

The Treasurer read the statement of accounts, showing receipts £95 1s. 4d. leaving an adverse balance of £13 15s. There were other outstanding items of expenditure on behalf of the Bowling section amounting to £14, which brought the debt to £27 15s. The Treasurer remarked that since the close of the season, work had been continued at the Club but this was entirely devoted to the bowling green.

It was asked whether it would be possible for the Bowling Club to separate from the Tennis Club and to maintain their own green and to run a distinct club, and it was proposed that a small committee be formed to inquire into the matter and to report at the next general meeting whether or not they could recommend such separation.

…….the following Committee was elected to discuss upon what basis the split could be achieved, and to report at the next general meeting: Messrs. W.H. Marshall, C.F. Carter, J.H. Jones, H. Gill, Mrs. A.B. Williams, Miss Bayliss, MRs. R.S.P. Duncombe, Miss Pemberton and Mr. J.G. Coldicott.

It was decided that the next general meeting be held the first week in January.