Junior F.C. Meeting – 5th June 1934

Publication: Evesham Standard, 9th June 1934

The annual meeting of Broadway Junior Football Club took place on Tuesday evening. Mr. W.T.H. Adams presided over large attendance, which included Messrs. R.H. New, J. Need, A. Beard, H. and F. Parker, F.A. Folkes, A.W. Brooks, and many members of the club. Mr. R.H. New was unanimously elected President of the Club, and in returning thanks, he said that the Club had given exceedingly good exhibitions last season. Unfortunately he had been unable to witness many of the games, but from what he had heard they had a team of great spirit and courage. That, he contended, was the most important factor of a football team. The other officers were elected as follows: Mr. E. Brooks (Secretary), Mr. A.W. Brooks (Treasurer), Mr. E.J. Roberts and Mr V. Tittensor (Captain and Vice-Captain respectively). The committee is Messrs. F.H. Parker, W.T.H. Adams, J. Need and A. Beard, while Mr F. Parker also accepted the trainer’s position. It was decided that the subscription be for 4s. The question as to whether the Club shall next season become members of a league, was fully discussed. Two leagues were mentioned, the North Cotswold and Vale of Evesham, and the Evesham Junior League. However, it was eventually agreed that with two other league sides in the village, the “gates” at the Junior’s matches would not be good, and the matter was left in abeyance. Several members present spoke of the inadvisability of joining a league, and in all probability the club will again compete in only friendly fixtures next season. It was stated that last year the Club played 29 matches, of which 12 were won, 14 lost and 3 drawn. The Secretary was instructed to write to Captain Napier, thanking him for the use of his field is a pitch last season, and asking for permission to again use the meadow for the 1934-35 season. The meeting concluded with usual vote of thanks.