Broadway Brass Band

Broadway Brass Band

A Brass Band was started in Broadway in the 1860s and early Bandmasters included Messrs. Warner and Ellis. The first band was associated with the National School and was formed alongside a Drum and Fife Band for pupils.

The Band were provided with new uniforms of scarlet and blue with yellow braid in 1897, the year of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

In later years, Walter Henry Ingles (1867-1941)1 lead the Brass Band whose members in the 1920s included:

  • Albert Box
  • Cyril Box
  • Harry Figgitt
  • William James Folkes (1858-1943), Bass Drum, who was a member of the band for 40 years.
  • Pat Grimmitt (Buckland)
  • F. Hill
  • Jack Ingles
  • Walter Henry Ingles (1867-1941), Bandmaster.
  • Walter Rivers
Broadway Brass Band 1923 ©️W.J. Butt
Broadway Brass Band 1923 ©️W.J. Butt


Thomas Handy, the village crier, also played the trombone with the Band.

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  1. Walter Henry Ingles (1867-1941) was a chorister at St Michael’s Church for 45 years. At the time of his death, aged 73, he lived at Mill Avenue, Broadway. His funeral took place at St Eadburgha’s churchyard on 17th May 1941, where he is buried.