Clubs, Sport and Organisations

Albion Coal Club: started by Austin R. Williams in 1889.

Broadway Agricultural Discussion Group: Chaired in the 1940s by Major C. Napier.

British Legion (Broadway Branch): one of the founding members was John Walker (1877-1951).

Broadway Athletic Club

Broadway Bowling Club up until the late 1920s was part of Broadway Lawn Tennis Club.

Broadway Boy Scouts: the first Scoutmaster was Austin R. Williams.

Broadway Brass Band: c1860-c1940

Broadway Coal Club

Broadway Cricket Club: the first Club was formed in 1875 and reformed after the Second World War in 1946.

Broadway Darts Team

Broadway Fire Brigade: For more information see A History of Broadway Fire Brigade by Brian Parsons.

Broadway Golf Club: founded by Dr Charles Standring on 18 April 1895 and relocated to the present golf course on the top of the escarpment above the village in 1910.

Broadway Guide Company: reformed after the Second World War in 1950.

Broadway Hockey Club

Broadway Honey – see Broadway Pottery

Broadway Lawn Tennis Club – in 1927 it was decided to look into separating the Tennis Club from the Bowling Club.

Broadway Motor Cycle Club

Broadway Mutual Aid Club: Lord Lifford presided at the Club’s Annual Festival on 29 May 1901. In 1914, the club’s chairman was Mr Mansell MP.

Broadway Pottery

Broadway Rifle Club

Broadway School Drum and Fife Band

Broadway Shire Horse Society

Broadway Traders’ Association

Broadway United Football Club

Broadway Women’s Institute: in 1957 Mrs Mills was President.

Broadway Young Farmers’ Club

Broadway Youth Club

Cirencester Benefit Society (Broadway Lodge): In 1901, Ernie Kempson was Secretary and Ted Foss, Treasurer. From 1929-1934, A.E. Tustin was Secretary followed in 1934 by Harry Collins.

Darby and Joan Club: 1992 (Mrs Edna Hodges)

Mothers’ Union (Broadway Branch): A fete to raise funds for the Union was held on Wednesday 6th June 1934 in the Vicarage Gardens (Rev. V.H. & Mrs Patrick).

The North Cotswold Hunt: established in 1868 by the Earl of Coventry, the first Master, who maintained the pack of hounds at his own expense. Lord Coventry stepped down in 1873 and local landowners and businessmen agreed to continue and thereby created the subscription pack which remains to this day.

The North Cotswold Hunt Cycling Club

Oddfellows’ Club: held meetings at The Old Bell Inn.

Primrose League (Broadway Habitation): Chaired by Viscount Lifford in the 1890s.

Seven Year’s Club: held meetings at The Old Bell Inn.

Toc H (Broadway branch): located at Dor Knap from 1959 to December 1979.

United Patriots National Benefit Society (Broadway Lodge): founded in 1843. In 1874, the Annual Dinner of the Society was hosted by Mr Brick at the Swan Inn. Henry Pulley was admitted as a member in 1874.

Western Aviation Limited: Passenger aeroplane flights from Happy Lands near the Fish Inn during the 1930s. Bookings were made via Frank Morrall Limited, Central Garage, Port Street, Evesham or at the flying ground.