Farnham House, Broadway

Farnham House

Farnham House (sometimes also referred to as Farnham Villa) is located opposite the village green in the centre of the village. Built c1660, the house is built of Cotswold stone, with tall diagonal chimneys, steep gables with dormer windows and small round windows in the attic. The connecting barn (now converted into a restaurant) once formed part of the property.

Residents of Farnham House have included:

1869: the house was advertised as available to rent.

1880s: Mr & Mrs Thomas Edgar Pemberton (from 1885 to 1889) and it is also recorded that Francis Davis ‘Frank’ Millet and his family lived at the house during the 1880s.

1890s: Elizabeth Meadows (who died in 1893) and Ruth Griffin (who died in 1895).

1900s: Sarah Sansome (who died in 1903).

1906: the house was sold by auction.

1910s: Mr & Mrs Collier

1940s: Mr & Mrs Frederick Dobson

1950s: Mr & Mrs G.W. Moore