Brown’s Bakery, 14 The Green

Brown’s bakery, tobacconist, and sweet shop was owned by Mr & Mrs Lewis James Brown. Lewis Brown, a keen market gardener, was born in Evesham in 1871. He married Rose Ellen Gregory (born Stow on the Wold in 1875) in Winchcombe in 1896 and the couple moved to Broadway from Evenlode in the early 1900s. Lewis, Rose, and their two daughters and two sons1, lived at 14 The Green where they opened a bakery which also sold tobacco, teas and confectionary.

Rose Brown died, aged 64, in Northampton in July 1939. Her funeral was conducted by Rev V.H. Patrick at St Eadburgha’s Church on Monday 31st July 1939, and was attended by; her husband Lewis, her eldest daughter Nora Ellen Brown, daughter Edna Rose Pepper (b. 1911, Evesham), son Harry Brown and grandson J.E. Brown.

Lewis Brown died aged 82 at home, 14 The Green, in February 1954. His funeral took place at St Eadburgha’s Church on 24th February 1954.

After the death of her parents Nora (who married Barnett Koch2 in the Register Office, Evesham 3rd April 1945) ran the shop for many years.



  1. A son, Albert Edward Brown (born Evesham in 1905), who worked in the bakery, died, aged 29 in October 1936. He lived at Swan Cottage on the Green.

  2. Barnet ‘Barney’ Koch (b. London 21 May 1905, died 1974) was the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Koch of Shepherd’s Bush, London. Barney worked at Gordon Russell Ltd for 9 years before the serving as a Private with the ACC during the Second World War.