What the Fiddler Saw!

Publication: Caledonian Mercury, 26 January 1731

Broadway in Gloucestershire, Jan. 16.

This Week, A Fidler that had been playing here pretty late, in his Way home, being sleepy, crept into a Barn to take a Nap, and was no sooner laid down, but in came a Man and a Woman, who presently became very familiar with each other, and struck a Bargain: the Man desired the Woman to pull off her Petticoat; she answered, she would, if he would pull off his Breeches; accordingly they both agreed, and went to it; and as soon as the Fiddler heard they had done, he strikes up the Black Jack1, which they thought was the Devil come to play them a Tune to the Dance they had been about; so out they both run, the Woman without her Hoop, the Man without his Breeches, in which was 50 shillings and a Silver Watch. The Fidler has had both cried, but no Body owns them.


  1. The Black Jack or Black Joke was an English country dance tune.