Broadway Steeple Chase – March 1838

Publication: Worcester Chronicle, 22 March 1838

The Broadway Steeple Chase came off on Thursday last, over a fine sporting hill country, commencing at the tower, and forming a horse shoe. A large assemblage of sporting men went from the town, and were joined by an immense concourse of people on the hill, at the starting post. At 1 o’clock the start took place; Oliver on Railroad took the lead, over a 5 feet wall, followed by Powell on Mr Vever’s bay gelding, who refused the wall, and succeeded at the third effort, Railroad being then 300 yards in advance. Powell here showed fine judgement, taking the inner circle, by which means he kept creeping up to Railroad, and caught him at the last fence, where Railroad fell, and Powell clearing the wall in a mastery manner, took the lead and won cleverly. It is admitted on both sides, that a fine line of country, selected by the umpire, was never seen – thanks to Mr. Hancock, a farmer in the neighbourhood, who objected to their going over any of his grounds, which compelled a look for another line, fortunately, better than the first. The second steeple chase was run over the last 2 miles, and won by Mr Walker’s Negociator, rode by Oliver; Colonel Charittie’s, Mr. Crump, second, rode by the Colonel; and Mr Healey’s Rambler, third, rode by the owner. This was run very fast: Mr Crump decidedly the best fencer, and could have jumped another wall on top of the other. Healey’s horse fell at the last jump from sheer distress; and the Negociator could have got 100 yards further – had it been 100 yards, Mr Crump could not have lost. On the following day, a match between Mr Healey’s bay horse Rambler, and Mr Walker’s bay horse Cripple; Colonel Charittie umpire. The running was over the same line of country as on the previous day. Rambler bade his antagonist good morning at the commencement, and Cripple saw nothing but his tail to the finish.