Sambach v Sambach, 31 January 1707

Recorded in the Chancery Proceedings before 1714, is a Broadway case of Sambach v Sambach, dated 31 January 1707. In it William Sambach, of Snowshill, aged 3 years, makes a complaint through his his grandfather Martin Ballard.

The suit confirms his claim to his father’s property at Broadway and Evesham, and mentions:

all his capitall, messuage or tenement and backside situate in Broadway and four Yard Lands and a Close called ffooteball Close in possession of Moses Rawlins, one Yard Land in possession of William Bloxham, one Yard Land in possession of Joseph Reeve, the meadow or pasture ground called Broadmors in possession of William Davis. The Closes called Broad Close and Blabyes in possession of Francis Phipps, Eliott’s Close in possession of Thomas Smith and Bunkers Close in possession of Stephen Ricketts, and a house and garden in possession of Richard Morris. Also a small or Privy Tithes arising of and upon Eighty Yard Lands in the Upper End fields and five and thirty Yard Lands in the Nether End ffields of Broadway.

Martin Ballard was a member of the family of which several representatives played a prominent part at various times in the history of Evesham and he was Mayor of the Borough of Evesham in 1679.