Mr Ralph Newman’s Assignment: Job Stanley and Abraham Stanley

Publication: Worcester Journal, 5 November 1829

Whereas, Ralph Newman, of the Sign of the Fish, on Broadway Hill, of the parish of Willersey, in the county of Gloucester, Victualler, hath assigned over his personal Estate and Effects to Job Stanley, of the parish of Broadway, in the county of Worcester, Wheelwright, and Abraham Stanley, of the parish of Ebrington, in the county of Gloucester aforesaid, Gentleman, in Trust for the equal benefit of all his Creditors.

Notice is hereby given, that the Deed of Assignment is left at my Office, for the Inspection and Signature of the Creditors, and such of them as neglect to execute the same, or to signify their consent in writing so to do, on or before the 28th of December next, will be excluded all benefit to arise therefrom. By order of the Trustees.

John Hickman (Solicitor).

Weston Park, 30th October 1829.