Middle Hill, Broadway

Publication: Oxford Journal, 2 August 1794

To be Let, for a Term not exceeding two Years, all that capital modern stone-built MANSION HOUSE, containing a Drawing Room, Dining Parlour, Breakfast Parlour, Vestibule, and Library, all fourteen Feet high, and most elegantly finished; also suitable Lodging Rooms, and all necessary attached and detached Offices; Stabling for twenty horses; a Coach House for three Carriages, and Granary over it; an excellent and a very large Kitchen Garden, in the highest State of Cultivation, included with a Brick Wall, well clothed on both Sides with the choice of Fruit Trees just in the prime, and many Standards of the best Sorts of Fruit; a Melon Garden, with a forcing Pit forty-five Feet by ten with Stoves; a Garden House, and Fruit Room over it; Five Ponds, well supplied with Water; a Plantation and Pleasure Ground, planted with Forest Trees, Fir, and Evergreens, fifteen Years Growth, lying on the North and North-East side of the House, late the Property and Residence of George Savage, Esq; deceased.

The House is situated in one of the finest sporting Countries in the Kingdom, stands upon an Eminence, commanding and extensive View of the rich Vale of Evesham terminating in the Malvern Hills, and lies within Half a Mile of the great Turnpike Road leading from Worcester to London; is Distant from London 90 miles, from Worcester 20, Pershore 10, Malvern Hills 15, Cheltenham 12, Campden 3, Oxford 36, and from the Borough of Evesham 6, from which last mention Place Coals are procured at a reasonable Price.

N.B. The House and Offices, Garden, Pleasure Ground, etc. may be entered on immediately, and the Fruit, which is a very considerable and remarkably fine, taken and taken at an easy Price; and the Tenant may be accommodated with a convenient Quantity of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land surrounding the Mansion, on the 29th Day of September next. – For particular is applied to Mr. Cotterell, in Campden; or Mr.William Phillipps, in Broadway.