Revival of Cricket Club

Publication: Evesham Journal, 26 January 1946

A well attended meeting arranged to reorganise the cricket club after a lapse of seven years was held at the Lifford Hall on Monday. Mr. V.E. Davis was in the chair. Tribute was paid to the members who had joined the Forces and a welcome home given to those who had been demobilised. Correspondence was read from various clubs, rearranging fixtures for the coming season, and a letter was ready from Mr. E.A. Daley resigning his membership and a vote of thanks has passed to him and the good work he has done in the past. The treasurer reported that £50 had been invested in three percent Defence Bonds and there was a balance in hand of £38. It was agreed that the same ground be used, but the pavilion is in a bad state of repair and would need a good deal of renovation before it is fit to use. The question of groundsmen was also considered for in the past the club had received a good deal of assistance from Mr A.B. Williams, but it was stated he should not now undertake to provide a man to keep the grass cut etc., and it was hope that someone would come forward who would undertake the duties of groundsman as a part time job.