American Bazaar in aid of Broadway Cricket Club

Publication: Evesham Journal, 16 January 1892

Chiefly through the exertions of Mrs. Bedford and Miss Cook a most successful American bazaar, a rummage sale, was held in the National Schoolroom, on Saturday last, in aid of the fund of the cricket club. Previous to the sale people had been invited to send articles of furniture, clothing, ornaments, or in fact anything for which they had no further use, to Mrs. Bedford and they willingly acceded to the request, the result being a large but very miscellaneous collection of goods, comprising, however, many very useful items articles. These were arranged on stalls around the room, and when the doors opened in the afternoon at 3 o’clock there was quite a rush of buyers. As everything was sold very cheap, trade continued brisk till the close at 4 o’clock. Among those present during the afternoon were Viscount and Viscountess Lifford, Miss Maud Caffin, Alderman Averill, Mrs Peacey, Miss Averill, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Williams, Miss Morgan (West End), Mr. H. Averill, Mr.A.R.Williams, Mrs. H.G .Smith, Miss P. Burge, Miss Collins, Miss Dudfield, etc. The doors were again open at 6 o’clock, and there was a continual stream of purchasers to half-past eight, by which time nearly everything had been disposed of. An auction sale then took place, and by this means Mr. Frank Cook and Mr.Timms soon got rid of the remainder of the things. The following ladies kindly presided over the stalls, and had an exceedingly busy time of it: Mrs. Bedford, Miss Bedford, Miss Cook, Miss Maud Cook (Taddington), the Misses Hensley, Miss Foss, Miss G Philipps, Miss E. Gill and Mrs Timms. Mr G.M. Cook also rendered valuable assistance as doorkeeper. The amateur string band occupied the platform, and played agreeable selections throughout the evening, the musicians very kindly giving their service free of charge. At the conclusion of the sale Mr. Frank Cook, as Captain of the Cricket Club, proposed a vote of thanks to the lady stallholders, and also thanked the purchasers for their patronage. He thought that as it had been so successful they might have a sale annually. “God save the Queen” was then played by the band and the proceedings terminated the total amount realised was £6.13s. and as there were no expenses in connection with the undertaking, it will prove a valuable help to the funds of the club.