Orchard Farm, Broadway

Duchess of York’s Visit

Publication: Evesham Standard, 9th June 1934

Before the Duchess of York left Broadway last week-end, after her stay in the village with her aunt, she paid a visit to the showrooms of Mr. H. Keil, the local dealer in antiques. Her Highness spend over half an hour inspecting Mr. Keil’s exhibits and among many purchases she made she bought a stirrup cup complete with glasses and jug. During her visit she showed particular interest in the 18th Century Adam’s Building and the historic half-panneled room. The Duchess was accompanied by her aunt, Lady Maud Bowes-Lyon, of Orchard Farm, and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Michael Bowes-Lyon. A large crowd assembled outside Orchard Farm to witness the Duchess’s departure for London.