About the Broadway History Society

The Broadway History Society was formed on 15th June 2015 when a group of like-minded people met at The Court, Russell Square, Broadway, in order to discuss the formation of a Society. Debbie Williamson was elected the first Chairman, Nigel Smith was the first Secretary, Mary Smith was the first Treasurer, and committee members were Michael de Navarro and Vicki Packman.

The Objects and Aims of the Society, that were adopted at the first AGM on Monday 16th May 2016, are to:

  1. Promote the undestanding and study of the history of the village of Broadway, in the country of Worcestershire.
  2. Arrange meetings, walking tours, talks and other events on a broad ‘history’ theme to include visits to local historical buildings or sites.
  3. To provide a forum for the reporting, debate and discussion of issues relating to Broadway’s history and to share knowledge of the community and local area.
  4. To be an educational and non-profit making society.

Since then, the Society has gone from strength to strength with over 60 members. Meetings of the Society are held on a monthly basis from September to May, with an AGM in May. Membership is open to all individuals who support the objects and aims of the Society.